Borjomi resort area

Borjomi resort area - a group of Georgian resorts in the valley basin of R. Kura.
Borjomi - largest balneological and climatic low forest resort in the subtropical zone at the height of 704-806 m above ur. M., 149 km from Tbilisi.
The climate is characterized by warm summers (in July and August average monthly temperature of 19 degrees) and moderately mild winter (in January -3 degrees). Rainfall for the year 595 mm, the number of hours of sunshine per year 2100. The water sources of carbon dioxide (0,5-1,2 g/ l of hydrocarbonate-sodium with mineralization of 6.2 and 7.1 g/L. is Used mainly for drinking treatment in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, metabolic disorders. The water is bottled and distributed as medical and canteen through the pharmacy, and a trading network. In Borjomi there are specialized sanatoriums, resort polyclinic with therapeutic and diagnostic facilities, hospital, rest homes, boarding houses.
Tsagveri - middle mountain climatic and balneological forest subtropical zone at 1,020 - 1130 m above ur. M., 14 km from Borjomi. Acidulous chalybeate hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium sources with mineralization of 3.0-5.5 g/L. General therapy for Children sanatorium and rest home.
Came climatic mountain resort at an altitude of 1117-1140 m above ur. m, 18 km from the Borjomi. Sanatorium for patients with diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, and a children's sanatorium for treatment subsiding forms of tuberculosis.
Libani - mountain resort at an altitude of 1368 m above ur. M., 26 km from Borjomi. Sanatorium for patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis.
Patara-Semi - mountain resort at an altitude of 1368 m above ur. M., 26 km from Borjomi. Children's sanatorium for the treatment of subsiding forms of tuberculosis.
Bakuriani is a mountain resort at an altitude of 1650-1750 m above ur. M., 39 km from Borjomi. Is used in winter as the base of the ski sport.
In the Borjomi resort area there are several Spa and climatic treatment areas (Akhaldaba, Dub, Dwiri, Majorshare, SATA-Mze, TBA, Tsinubani, Cicis-Jvari and others). In the summer there are camps, rest houses and small private building. Cm. also Resorts.