White mustard

white mustardwhite Mustard, English - Brassica alba Rabenhorst.
The Mustard Family - Brassicaceae Burnett. Annual plant with height 40-75 see the Stalk is straight and rounded. Flowers yellow, aggregated in a racemose inflorescence. The leaves are alternate, petiolate, naked, bottom - pinnate, at apex with rounded-extended blade (lyre-shaped), the edges of neravnomernosti; medium - lanceolate, reddatabase; top - lanceolate, entire. The fruit is a pod. Pods are rejected from the stem.
The vegetation period in the cultivation in the culture 80-90 days. Blossoms in may; bears fruit in June. Special care when growing not required.
Seeds contain 22-35% oil food, coal, oil.
The seeds are used as Ostroukhova seasoning and for medicinal purposes. Different bactericidal properties. You can use for fodder.
Widespread in Europe, listed in Siberia and North Africa, are found in Asia, North America.