Brenner tumor

Brenner tumor (F. Brenner; synonym: Agrofirma, follicular OFORAA, benign mucinous fibroepithelial), a benign tumor of the ovary.
Is rare; more often in women aged over 40 years old, girls and women are not usually found. B. O. usually unilateral, size from microscopic knots to arrays in 6 to 7 kg, round or oval; woody-dense, in some cases, in the context of white (or gray-white), fibrous, similar to the fibroids; in others sponge species, contains cysts.
Microscopically, the tumor Brenner consists of fabric types of fibroids with pockets of hyalinization and petrification and epithelial tissue, which is represented by a continuous complexes of epithelial cells or microsistemi containing mucus and lined multilayer epithelium, sometimes taking the form of high cylindrical (Fig).
Histogenesis unclear. There are two opinions: 1) B. O. is dysontogenetic tumor; 2) B. O. proceeds from normal tissue cells of the ovary. Source epithelial component of tumor believe follicular epithelium (Brenner), covering epithelial ovarian dystopic of wolf duct. In most cases, the tumors Brenner hormonal inactive, but there are indications menstrual disorders in patients.
Treatment and surgery. The Outlook is favorable. Cm. also Ovary (tumors).