Focal pneumonia

Focal pneumonia (pneumonia) is characterised by a variety of clinical manifestations. At the forefront are the symptoms of the infection of the bronchi, then the lung tissue and less of the pleura. Focal pneumonia can occur as an independent disease, or to join as a complication of another disease. When focal pneumonia observed cough, dry or with sputum may be flank pain while breathing. Body temperature usually rises gradually to 38o, rarely above, lasts 3-5, sometimes 10 days, then gradually decreases (lytic the temperature drop) for a few days.
Quite often there is shortness of breath, which is not always the prevalence and severity of process, hyperemia person on the affected side. Breathing quickens. When breathing sick side of the chest behind healthy. Auscultation heard wet loud wheezing. When the blockage of the small bronchi secret notes decreased breath. The defeat of the other bodies in focal pneumonia expressed less sharply than in lobar. When fluoroscopy pneumonic lesions are detected in the form of small tricks, usually in the root, medium and especially the lower parts of the lungs. Blood neutrophilic leucocytosis, ROE accelerated. The disease is much easier than lobar pneumonia, but more often there are complications.
Joined by another disease focal pneumonia aggravates the course of the basic disease and in some cases is the direct cause of death weakened patients. After pneumonia does not occur immunity. Develops, on the contrary, increased tendency to re disease.