bronchoscope OlympusBronchoscope ( bronchoesophagology ) - device for visual inspection of the trachea, bronchi and esophagus, which also make the necessary manipulations in them (removal of foreign bodies, biopsy, the suction of the pathological content, and so on). There are several systems of bronchoscopy.
Bronchoscope of the factory " red guard" system Brunings consists of electroscope - lighting system, mounted on the handle. The light from the light hits the mirror, fortified 45-degree angle. Reflected from the mirrors of light enters the tube of the instrument and covers the relevant departments of the respiratory tract and esophagus. In the mirror there is a slot through which inspect and enter the appropriate tools. In a set of 5 double pipes (main and relevant extra - domestic), whole and lengthening the tongs with a variety of removable nozzles, probes, hooks and other auxiliary tools.
Bronchoscope DB type Friedel mainly intended to conduct podmarkovoy bronchoscopy and ezofagoskopia. His arm is simultaneously the illuminator - electroscope and receiving cell for inhaled and exhaled air. Tube it is not a composite of different diameter from 8 to 13 mm Tongs constant length, some with replaceable tips. An important addition to the usual bronchoscope is optic bronchoscope (telescope).
Preparation of bronchoesophagology for tomography and ezofagoskopia.
Tubing tongs, probes in most cases disinfected by boiling. Sometimes used disinfectants. The handle bronchoscope with lighting system cannot be boiled. Treat her with alcohol. In the reflective mirror surface must be free of lumps of mucus, stains. Their carefully (after preliminary soaking) are removed. The inner surface of the tube must be clean and shiny. In case of need it cleaned wool, screw on the end of the probe is available in the set. You need to check how freely moves plug-in (internal) tube in the outer. If necessary the spring, which is injected into the groove main tube, grease oil (e.g. vaseline). Immediately before a bronchoscopy nurse (or nurse) connects appropriate (as instructed by the doctor) tube with lighting system. The handle bronchoscope connect the cord to the transformer. During the connection handle transformer, which regulate the flow of current, should be at the zero division of the device. After joining the lighting system gently turn the knob transformer until then, until you reach a sufficient brightness. Using screws that are on the cover of the lighting system, adjust the position of the mirror so that the main beam of light was directed into a tube called a bronchoscope. Before the introduction of a tube called a bronchoscope slightly heated in the spirit lamp to avoid fogging. If bronchoscopy is done with the purpose of removal of a foreign body biopsy is appropriate (as instructed by the doctor) the tip of the screw on the forceps. After that regulate Doina tongs and density of closing feet tip. In facilities that provide emergency care, bronchoscopic set in the ready for work state must be on a separate table, an indoor sterile sheets.
Cm. also Bronchoscopy, Esophagoscopy.