Bronchial asthma

Practice of the last decades has shown that for individuals suffering from bronchial asthma, particularly bronchial asthma physical effort (BAFN), sports, subject to certain measures not only acceptable but desirable.
In the coming years the number of athletes with BARR probably will not decrease, but increase due to the growth of both sport and suffering of BARR. The last among the population, apparently, and now more than is commonly believed. In favor of this assumption is the data S. Rice et al. (1985), which surveyed 1000 University athletes, in 13 % of them found BARR, and 2/3 of the cases have been revealed for the first time.
Sporting activity in persons with BARR has a beneficial effect on health in the broad sense of this concept with psychological, social, and finally physical terms.
As for the physical health component, the athletes from BARR thanks to rationally conducted training compared to patients-nicortsminda greatly expand its functional reserves in General, and external respiratory system, in particular. This increases their adaptive capacity, which has beneficial effects in work, home, social life etc.,
We should point out the essential features of BARR, which is defined as the possibility to practice sports, and the characteristics of such activities. The first and most important - if choking is developing, it is only a few minutes after exercise. He further develops the more likely the higher working hyperpnoea, colder and drier the air you breathe. The possibility of an attack of BARR small, if the power runs physical activity is less than 60 % of individual IPC. The latter circumstance allows to make a conclusion that increase physical performance and, accordingly, the IPC may occur during sports activities, can serve as a factor reducing the likelihood of attacks of BARR. Very important fact is that during the sequential multiple loads their astmaticescoy sharply reduced. The time during which the second load refrakterny to BARR is about 17A PM
Since the very physical activity is accompanied by bronhodilatace, and the attack of BARR possible after the first load, you can prevent repeated exercises, you will be able to avoid BARR during sports lessons.
All this explains why athletes with asthma, proceeding with BARR-a phenomenon that can take part in competition and show high aerobic capacity, requiring large quantities of air flows.
However, the negative emotionscaused by the fear of a possible attack by themselves almacogan. Therefore the use of bronchodilators with the preventive purpose. The most effective are the representatives of the group of 6-agonists in aerosol form directly to the physical load.
One important factor that determines the choice of the sport for persons suffering BA, and BARR in particular, is different astmaticescoy exercise of a different sort. This phenomenon is observed even when excluding the differences of temperature, humidity and flow of inhaled air, the value of which as factors of BARR now generally recognized. It was discovered that running, compared to other exercise more often provokes an attack of BARR; the safest was swimming. It is no coincidence that among Olympic champion in swimming since 1960 always meet athletes from BARR.
A number of them were unfairly disqualified on the basis of the results of anti-doping control, as adopted by these athletes drugs are adrenomimetikov included in the official list of doping. The participation of sportsmen from BARR in competitions of the highest international level, including the world Championships and Olympic games, repeated victories such sportsmen forced medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee to review the situation. In the end it was resolved to athletes, the presence of which BARR confirmed by a written medical opinion, to take before the start of bronchodilators-beta-agonists. Previously it was found that taking these drugs in therapeutic doses does not improve exercise performance in healthy athletes - either by increasing the productivity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, or through other mechanisms.