Acute bronchitis

Among respiratory diseases among the population, the incidence of acute bronchitis takes the 1st place. A significant role in their occurrence belongs to cooling, and in particular the inhalation of cold air, especially when off nasal breathing. Fatigue, nervous and physical strain contribute to the development of these diseases. These factors often surround sports activities, which, as if, should lead to greater incidence of acute bronchitis athletes than in the General population. But it is not.
In the overall incidence of athletes on acute bronchitis accounts for 1.1 % of [L. Schmid, 1954] to 4.3 % [Kovalenko Century N., 1959]. During examination of persons of the same populationthat is not involved in sports, L. Schmid found that the proportion of acute bronchitis in their incidence in 2 times more. Similar data concerning dust bronchitis, lead Maixner, Sramek (CIT. by L. Mecl, 1965), who explored the workers of one and the same profession - athletes and not involved in sports. It was also found that acute dust bronchitis lasts in athletes on average almost 2 times less. This is due to the shortening of the development of the acute period, and the period of recovery of functions; the symptoms of the disease in athletes are less pronounced.
The study of the causes, characteristics of the course and treatment of acute bronchitis in athletes play an important role in substantiation of their rational prevention, and the prevention of chronic bronchitis and other chronic lung diseases, in particular of emphysema.