Bregostenas - narrowing of the bronchi, causing a violation of his cross. Bregostenas may be due sdavlennoy bronchus from the outside (a tumor of the lung and mediastinum, enlarged lymph nodes, and so on), its condition (cancer, inflammatory processes, accompanied by swelling of the mucous membrane and increased secretion, etc.,) or the aspiration of a foreign body (remains of the tooth, seeds etc.) usually causes a reduction of sensitivity and reflex excitability of the mucous membrane of the bronchi (in anaesthesia, intoxication, in the dream).
Clinical presentation is determined by the value of the affected bronchus, degree of stenosis, speed of onset and complications. The most common symptoms are cough, at first dry, and prolonged stenosis - with Muco-purulent sputum; when the breath - stenotic noise in the sphere of constriction. Bregostenas calls the function, and often anatomical changes in the lungs: in the corresponding part of the lung can develop emphysema or atelectasis.
Diagnosis of bregostenas established on the basis of anamnestic data, clinical symptoms, x-ray examinations, bronhografii and bronchoscopy. Treatment depending on the cause of bregostenas.