Broth meat-peptone

Broth meat-peptone - nutrient medium for cultivation of microorganisms. To the finely cut meat (without fat and tendons) add water (for 1 kg of meat 2 l of water) and stand, stirring occasionally, 18-24 hours at temperature 4-6'c C, then boil for 1 hour. The resulting cold water filtered through a cloth filter, boil before clotting protein and filtered through a paper filter. Cold water can also be obtained by the method of hot extraction stuffing: mince with water warm up 1% hours, then boil for 1 hour.
Meat water add 1% peptone (preparation, received in result of processing meat pepsin) and 0.5% sodium chloride. The mixture is heated, stirring to dissolve peptone and salt, then add the normal solution of NaOH to obtain a pH of 7.8. After the establishment of alkalinity broth boiled, filtered and sterilized 20 minutes at temperature 120 C. When autoclaving pH broth is reduced to 7.6, which corresponds to the conditions of growth of most pathogens. Cm. also Nutrient medium.