Abdominal cavity

abdominal cavityAbdomen (abdominal) is bounded above by a diaphragm front and sides - mainly abdominal muscles, back - lumbar vertebrae and muscles, and at the bottom wall of the pelvis. Abdomen covered by the peritoneum and occupied by abdominal organs: stomach, thin and thick intestines (Fig.), liver, spleen (left hypochondrium), pancreas. On the back wall of the abdomen are the kidneys, adrenal glands, the ureters, the aorta, its branches, the lower hollow vein and its tributaries, and nerves. The pelvic cavity, which contains the bladder, rectum, internal sexual organs, is a continuation of the abdominal cavity. Located in the abdominal cavity organs is fixed and separated from one another by the peritoneum; some bodies surrounded by peritoneum, others are only covered by it (retroperitoneal position). Cm. also the Abdomen. The abdominal cavity (large gland drawn up): 1 - jejunum; 2 - sigmoid; 3 - the ileum; 4 - peritoneum (parietal sheet); 5 - cecum; 6 - ascending colon, 7 - transverse colon, 8 - greater omentum (rear plate).