Paper production

Paper production (occupational health). The raw material for paper manufacturing are fibrous vegetable substances (wood, straw, peat, moss), asbestos, and some waste materials (rags, pulp, paper). The paper is produced mainly from wood. Paper production consists of two processes: pulping and reflux of the paper web. The main adverse factors in the branches, where they get wood pulp are high temperature and humidity of air. Sources of heat and flagovedeniya serve as vehicles for pulping (deferrari), electric motors, open - surface sakalova, sorting and spustitelny aggregates containing hot water, drying cylinders for drying linen. When used in the process of receiving paper pulp as an antiseptic ethylmercury in the air found its pair (up to 0.05 mg/m3). When the roll paper is formed electrostatic discharge accompanied by ozone (0.2 mg/m3). When cutting the paper , the air is polluted by dust (15-22 mg/m3). The equipment is accompanied by vibration and noise. The production of paper from rags while cooking it with milk of lime and bleaching bleach can be released into the air chlorine; work also implies a risk of chemical burns.
Measures for improvement of labour conditions in the production of paper should be directed to the full mechanization and automation of production processes, elimination of vibration and noise, the elimination of static electricity, dust removal and excess heat exhaust ventilation. Measures of personal prophylaxis include compliance with drinking water treatment with the use of salted carbonated water or protein-vitamin drink, the use of protective clothing.