Bursitis is inflammation of mucous bags, located on bone ribs: in the field of the olecranon, the greater trochanter of the femur, in the hollow of the knee, in the Achilles tendon, the calcaneus, ahead of the patella, etc.
Bursitis occurs due to mechanical stimulation (pressure, friction), injury, or as a complication of infectious diseases (flu, sore throat, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, brucellosis and other).
There are acute and chronic bursitis. In acute bursitis in the area of bags pain and restricted swelling, usually with a smooth consistency, various sizes. Can be a symptom of balloting, the limit function of the leg. At the puncture get serous mucous, gelatinoasa, when complications of infection - purulent-fibrinous fluid or blood.
Chronic bursitis more often seen in people of professions such as miners, harness-makers, polishers, parquet, etc. They occur when repeated mechanical irritation of the bag. Wall it thicken in the cavity accumulated serous effusion. Sometimes fibrin are dense, loose education ("rice body"). The course of chronic bursitah characterized by intermittent exacerbations, which replaced the temporary improvement. In some cases occurs calcification bags and develops the so-called bursitis calcarea.
Treatment. In acute bursitis - rest, compression band, UHF; in introducing bursitis - opening of the bags, drainage, irrigation antibiotics. Chronic bursitis - puncture with washing furatsilinom or penicillin, paraffin or mineral wax therapy, curative mud, sometimes surgery (excision bags). When bursitis calcarea, accompanied by severe pain,is pain relievers (amidopyrine, analgin).