Bottle of mineral water

The thought about the possibility of treatment of mineral waters away from sources arose several centuries ago. Bottled water such well-known European sources, as carlsbad, Vichy, Pyrmont, etc. in large quantities exported abroad, including in Russia, where they were highly valued.
Treatment of patients bottled mineral waters strongly supported the famous Russian Clinician Professor G. A. Zaharin, he treated bottled water and at home. G. A. saharin (1894) gave a high estimation of the Russian mineral waters. Despite this, it took enormous efforts of the medical community, in particular members of the Russian balneological society to prove that domestic mineral water are not inferior to foreign, and often exceed them.
There is information that in the end of XVIII century in Russia the first attempts were made to bottle water source St. Catherine opened close to Zarephath (Marcial waters). S. A. Smirnov tried to organize bottling medicinal waters on the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the 70-ies of the last century, but difficulties with utensils and transportation hindered the development of this useful undertaking. Meanwhile, imports of mineral water all the time increased.
In 1895 in Kislovodsk opened a bottling plant Narzan. If in 1896 was poured only 5,000 bottles of mineral water, in 1900 their number grew to about 900 000. In 1903 at the international exhibition in the city of Reims in France Russian Seltzer received the gold medal and it began to export to Greece, Turkey and other countries. That year was poured more than 6 million bottles of mineral water (Fig. 2).
At the same time, was organized by filling Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk and Borjomi water.
Before the great October socialist revolution in Russia was only four bottling plant, two of them on the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Annual capacity of all four plants were in 1914, about 18 million bottles; in 1940 these four plants poured more than 70 million bottles.
Currently, the plants of mineral water bottling organized almost in all the Union republics. Especially the rapidly growing bottling of mineral water in Ukrainian, Georgian and Armenian SSR. In 1963 already operated 100 factories and workshops bottling, performance them reached 650 million bottles of mineral water per year. In the coming years in Yessentuki will be built a new factory of mineral water bottling capacity of 120 million bottles.
Our brief introduction gives an idea of the immense opportunities for the development of drinking water treatment not only resorts, but also in many medical institutions located outside of the resorts, as well as at home. Treatment of bottled mineral waters it is possible and necessary to organize in the resorts and hotels located in the areas away from their sources of mineral waters. Apply here should be well studied and most effective medical water: power, Slavyanovskaya, Essentuki # 4 and 17, batalinsky, Borjomi mineral water and other Necessary widely introduce the use of bottled mineral water in all of the therapeutic Department of hospitals and clinics as a highly effective means of treatment.
Finally, bottled mineral water can be used at home. Very useful after treatment for drinking resorts in 2-3 months to spend in the home a second course of treatment by drinking the same water or similar in operation. At diseases of liver and gall bladder recommended 1-2 times a month to do tubage of mineral water or to do when indicated intestinal tub, irrigation or other procedures. Of course, home mineral water treatment should be carried out with the advice and under the supervision of a physician.
Most often in the home of mineral water are used as symptomatic means: for constipation (batalinskaya water), with belching and heartburn (alkaline water Borjomi mineral water, Essentuki, and so on).
Unfortunately, the high growth rates of the mineral waters have their drawbacks. Along with water, having excellent medical and canteen quality, poured a lot of "local" water, with no therapeutic value and does not satisfy the requirements even in terms of taste.
Not all the water poured into bottles, is curative. From 116 waters-going draught, only 35-40 can be considered curative.
Among curative waters, which have universal that with the same success can be applied at various diseases of digestion organs and disorders of metabolism. To such waters can be attributed to the Borjomi, Essentuki, Jermuk.
Along with this group water is not less valuable water, with a particularly pronounced specific action, for example batalinskaya and lysogorskaya water - specific laxatives.
Summarizing clinical and experimental data, it is possible to give some recommendations on the medical use of bottled mineral water at the most common diseases.

Fig. 2. General view of the bottling of mineral water. Kislovodsk plant.