Bairovna - conducting Bogen through the tubular bodies (the urethra, larynx, trachea, esophagus) with diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
Bairovna urethra diagnostic produce for its restriction to determine the location and extent of narrowing, medical - for expansion of space narrowing of the urethra. For diagnostic dilations usually applied elastic bugi (see) with uniform thickness at the end (capitate bugi).
Medical bairovna produce more metal bogami. When narrowing of the urethra in women or narrowing hanging part of the urethra in men apply metal, short, straight, Buji. When localization narrowing in bulbous, webbed or prostatic portion of the urethra Beirut usually curved metal bogami, sometimes with screw-thin elastic conductors.
Indications to treatment birovni: narrowing of the urethra, defiant disorder urination leading to changes in the upstream sections of the urinary system. Contraindicated bairovna in acute inflammatory processes in the urogenital system (prostatitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and other)in the period immediately after the trauma of the urethra, and in renal failure. Bairovna produced under strict compliance with the rules upgrades. The head of the penis and the outer opening of the urethra is treated with tampons soaked in the solution of sublimate 1:5000.
bairovnaBairovna urethra in women difficulty is not. In men, bairovna produce according to the rules of conduct in the bladder metal catheter (Fig). Bairovna metal bougie or conducting metal catheter can be done only by the doctor.
After dilations avoid urethral fever patients designate sulfa drugs or antibiotics. Cm. also Catheterization.
Bairovna larynx, trachea shown in cicatricial stenoses. Bairovna produces only a doctor. The procedure is performed with the patient on an empty stomach after preliminary local anesthesia of the upper respiratory tract or the nasopharynx. Sister trains (as instructed by the doctor) necessary tools.
Bairovna hearing (Evstafieva) pipes are produced (the doctor) to determine its terrain or extension before the operation of tympanoplasty.
Bairovna esophagus performed for diagnostic and curative purposes in cicatricial stenoses. The procedure is carried out by a doctor. Must be prepared: esophagoscopy, sterile esophageal Buji, 2% solution dikaina, sterile liquid paraffin. Bairovna esophagus produce on an empty stomach. 30 minutes - 1 hour to dilations injected subcutaneously to 1 ml of 0.1% solution of atropine to reduce salivation. Bairovna esophagus produce patient is in sitting position. Beginning with the introduction of the most thin bougie, moving over to the next rooms.
Contraindicated bairovna esophageal inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx. When complications dilations of the esophagus - the perforation of the wall of the esophagus is required immediate surgery.