C-reactive protein

C-reactive protein [C-reactive protein (CRP)] - whey protein, not in the blood of healthy people and appears in the presence in the body of certain pathological processes associated with inflammation or destruction of tissues. CRP discovered in 1930 by Telecom and Francis W. S. Tillett, T. Francis). By electrophoretic mobility it belongs to P-globulins, malorastvorim in the absence of salts in the blood is in combination with lipids, has a distinct antigenic properties. The detection of CRP in the blood of patients is made by means of the diagnostic anti-CRP immune sera. This method is extremely simple and accessible to any hematological or serological laboratory.
CRP in the blood appears in acute pneumonia, acute rheumatic arthritis, abscesses, active tuberculosis, acute appendicitis, acute pancreatitis, bacterial endocarditis, heart attack, sarcoma, myeloma, a cancer of breast cancer and other malignant tumors, Hodgkin's disease, burns, extensive injuries, acute radiation sickness, some acute infectious diseases and other Emergence and increase of CRP in the blood indicates the activation process. Reduced levels of this protein or its disappearance is a favorable prognostic indicator.