Cachexia - state observed in different severe diseases characterized by progressive depletion. Cachexia associated with impaired metabolism in the body. Occurs in starvation (kahectina form of malnutrition), malignant tumors (cancer cachexia), diseases of the endocrine glands, especially regulating currency (anterior pituitary, adrenal gland), intermediate brain (see Pituitary cachexia), chronic poisoning (arsenic, lead, mercury, fluorine); infectious and parasitic diseases (tuberculosis, syphilis, malaria, amebiasis), liver cirrhosis, chronic ulcerative colitis, asthma and cardiovascular diseases.
Characteristic features of cachexia: a sharp loss of weight, grey color and dry skin, sunken eyes, loss of hair and teeth, nails fractures, atrophy, and the laxity of the muscles, physical weakness, loss of sexual function. In advanced cases appear mental disorders (prostration, numbness, a weakening of mental abilities). When the autopsy find almost complete disappearance of fat and brown color of subcutaneous fat, a sharp atrophy of internal organs, anemia, sometimes a lot of mucus bone marrow bones, manifestations hemorrhagic diathesis (see). For cachexia chronic; meet at an acute and acute forms. With cachexia requires a comprehensive examination of the patient to determine the cause of the disease.