Caisson work

Caisson work is work performed in special facilities (caissons) under high pressure, for example in the construction of supports of bridges, sinking shafts of the mines and tunnels in quicksand, etc.
An important part of caisson construction is airlock, which are input and output in the caisson of people (human gateway) and issuance of a breed or transfer of materials (material gateway). Compressed air is supplied in the caisson from the compressor under pressure not more than 4 ATM. (redundant atmospheres). When a malfunction in the air cylinder piston compressors may be burnt lubricating oil and admission to the caisson contaminated air containing CO and products of oil decomposition.
To ensure the purity of the air in the caisson has to support the exchange of air equal to 25 m3/hour per person. The air temperature in the caisson shall be within the 16 - 26th, depending on the level of pressure. In the summer air for cooling irrigated water in winter is heated by electric heaters. During operation, especially when using a hydro monitors, you should warn moisturizing body and legs. The air temperature in the gateways must be equal 18-22 degrees. When the outdoor temperature falls lower than 10C to kassensystem give a warm cloak and boots for the transition from the gateway to the shower. After working compulsory taking a warm shower and drink hot tea or coffee with sugar. Prevention caisson disease include: a) strict observance of the norms of working time, which falls under increasing pressure; b) observance of the time of vismutovaya, increasing with increasing pressure and divide into two phases: the fast, during which the pressure is reduced for 4-7 minutes to a half or a third, and slow - all the rest of vismutovaya. When using oxygen for breathing (allowed only up to a pressure of 2 ATM.) duration of vismutovaya reduced by 30%. Persons seeking to work under pressure, or having a break during the month, the first day of work under pressure 54 change, in the second - 2/3, third and fourth-3/4 change. If violations coffered works arise decompression illness (see). When applying for caisson work is carried out medical screening (see Diving operations), mandatory weekly checkups. In place caisson work necessarily-the-clock watch of specially trained paramedics, supervise the observance of rules of safety and emergency care to victims.