Calendula fire

Calendula fire - Calendula fulgida Raf.
Family Asteraceae - Asteraceae Dum.
Green pubescent herbaceous plant 50-84 see the Root is stalky, with the side branches, slightly curved in length, 12-14 see the Stem is cylindrical, branched, covered with hairs. Leaves (64-74 PCs) alternate, sessile. Plates of leaves lanceolate, with expansion at the base; the edges of the plate agubekovskaya. Leaves green from both sides. The location of the side shoots to stalk another. Each escape ends one flower; stems are erect, after flowering slightly curving, have a 7 - 9 stipules. The flowers are medium-sized. The Corolla is bright orange. Fruit is achene: outer - most large Crescent-shaped, internal - hooked, small, with outer surface has thorns.
Blossoms from June until August. Bears fruits from July. The vegetation period 151 day. Seeds obtained from Sweden.