Calendula officinalis (marigold)

marigold calendula officinalisMarigold, or calendula officinalis - Calendula officinalis L.
Family Asteraceae - Asteraceae Dum.
Annual grassy plant in height 40-60 cm, widely known as decorative, and more recently as a medicinal.
Leaves are numerous, oblong, next, narrowed down in winged petiole. All plant pubescent. Flowers - baskets, sit on top of the Central and lateral shoots. Corolla orange or yellow.
Fruit is achene various forms, developing of regional reed flowers, arranged in three rows: major, sickle-shaped,outside, medium - ring and finally, the smallest, hooked form - inside.
Calendula flowers from early summer until frost. Flowering baskets collected during the horizontal position of the petals.
In nature it inhabits the Mediterranean. Widely cultivated in all countries as ornamental and medicinal plant. In culture unpretentious, good breeds self-sowing.
The flowers are included in the IX of the State Pharmacopoeia of the USSR. They contain pigments (carotene and. other), and in bright orange flowers them more than in yellow. In addition, the flowers are bitter substances, slightly tannic substances, traces of essential oils, resins. Are used in the form of tincture at a stomach ulcer and as choleretic, in the form of ointment at cuts, ulcers, purulent wounds. Pills KN (powder calendula with nicotinic acid) serve as symptomatic means at malignant tumors.
In the flowers of calendula, which are often decorated with flower beds, and a total of medicinal power plants. Double flowers of the more valuable. Marigold - annuals, often reproduce self-sowing.
Before digging soil contribute 2 kg of manure, 20-25 grams of nitrogen fertilizers and 15 - 20 g of phosphorus per 1 m2. Early spring sow seeds to a depth of 2 - 3 see the Distance between rows 50 see
To accelerate flowering of nails grow seedlings in boxes or greenhouses and planted it on a permanent place when the plants will appear 5 - 6 of these leaflets.
Plants better bloom, if they are fed nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. In addition, every 2 to 3 days, and later in 4-5 days should pluck the flower basket. And medicinal crops will be more and plants will become longer to bloom.
Alcoholate calendula flowers - good bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agents with the flu, disease mucous membranes of the mouth, cuts, purulent wounds. Calendula ointment when changing burns.
Nails medicinal.