gray hairGraying (canities) - change the color of the hair is silver-white color due to the decrease in the number of pigment. The graying process is usually irreversible; in old age is a normal physiological phenomenon. Premature graying develops from 20 years earlier and may be caused by diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems, deficiencies, severe infections, nervous shock, overstrain; of great importance hereditary factors, graying usually begins at the temples with the roots of the hair is growing slowly. Temporary graying may occur after alopecia areata (see Alopecia), mugs or receiving of Raskina; in these cases coloring gray hair can be restored.
Treatment - tonic, vitamins. To disguise bloom use cosmetic means; periodic (briefly) the use of reducing agents, hair coloring vegetable inks - henna, Basma, and paint "Gamma" and coloring shampoos.

Graying (canities, poliosis) - change the color of the hair is silver-white color, occurring due to the decrease in the amount of pigment and fill hair bubbles. Usually P. begins with the scalp (whiskey), which can cover the hair of his beard, moustache, and later Breasts, pubic, armpits. Graying gradually covers large areas of hair, sometimes there tufts of gray hair among normal colored. Long hair turning gray before bristly and lanugo.
Normal physiological graying (canities senilis) usually begins not earlier than 35-40 years; pathological graying (canities praematura has 20 years and even earlier. The brunettes before turning gray blondes. Graying is an irreversible process, restoration is still hair coloring is an extremely rare. Graying of hair can be combined with congenital absence of pigment in the skin, nail plates, rainbow and vascular shell eyes (so-called General or partial albinism). Possible temporary graying hair on the former foci krugovidnoe alopecia, erysipelas. Only rarely observed circle P., characterized by alternation on the hair shaft pigmented and depigmentirovannah areas.
Causes of premature bloom - hereditary influence, fatigue, nervous and endocrine (thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus) disease, infectious diseases (typhoid fever), anemia, hypovitaminosis. Temporary graying may develop with long-term use of certain medicines (Raskin). The possibility of a sudden, within a few hours or days P., due to a sharp nervous shock, most authors rejected.
To mask bloom apply cosmetic techniques: painting hair silver nitrate, special reducers hair color, containing lead and sulphur, vegetable inks (henna, Basma, chamomile, rhubarb). When premature P. is set to the correct mode of life, the common strengthening of an organism, especially the nervous system, vitamins a, C, B1, B2, B6; folic acid. Cm. also Hair.