The shepherd's bag

Shepherd's purseShepherd's bag - Capsella bursa pastoris (l.) Medic.
The Mustard Family - Brassicaceae Burnett.
Annual herbaceous plant. The stalk his dark green, simple or branchy, the height of 20-40 cm, with a basal rosette, small cauline leaves and apical brush unattractive flowers. Fruit - oratorial-sweetheart strachocki. Root leaves are oblong-lanceolate, whole, sinuate-serrate or pinnatipartite, narrowed into petiole. Stem leaves are sessile, sagittate-amplexicaul, smooth-edged. The flowers are small, white, are in the form of a short brush. The smell faint, unpleasant. All parts of the plant have a bitter taste.
It is unpretentious in growing, with short vegetation period of development.
The chemical composition of grass still insufficiently studied. It is known that it contains phylloquinone (vitamin K), than, probably, explains its hemostatic effect. In the ash contains a lot of potassium. Is applied at various bleedings in gynecological practice.
In the USSR grows everywhere in kitchen gardens, and weed places.