Diagnosis of carcinoid

Recognition carcinoid any localization cause sometimes insurmountable difficulties, and more often tumors without metastases are finding a surgeon at laparotomy.
Suspected carcinoid of the intestine should be a doctor with anamnesticescimi indications of the patient to recurrent intestinal obstruction without apparent reason. Sometimes you can feel the lump in the right iliac region (rare!).
If the patient complains of pain in the area epigastralna, weight loss, and x-ray study found rounded filling defects, you may want to think about the possibility of carcinoid stomach.
Re-intestinal bleeding and abdominal pain when urinating, weight loss should force a doctor to suspect carcinoid rectum and a time to make the patient rektoskopiû (normal or better, with bioptic device).
Spread of the tumor into the depths, and the appearance of distant metastases are changing clinical picture of the disease, making it more vivid, specific and peculiar. This creates preconditions for more timely and correct diagnosis of this suffering.
The most important factor to identify functioning carcinoid are anamnesticescimi indications sporadic, sudden-onset seizures "redness" and all related other clinical symptoms. Great diagnostic value have signs of heart failure, and liver. It should be noted that the functional liver samples at the specified disease, as a rule, do not change. Among biochemical indicators it is difficult to overestimate the role definitions 5-GOOK daily urine. The increased content of 5-GOOK in combination with certain symptoms of carcinoid syndrome allows to diagnose functioning tumors.