Complications of carcinoid

Carcinoid relatively rarely accompanied by serious complications. We have already marked ileus as one of the clinical signs of tumors of the small intestine. Mac Donald (1956) notes frequent combination of a functioning carcinoid with peptic ulcer in the same patients. The pathogenesis of these plagues is unclear, since it is known that serotonin in experimental conditions causes a decrease in the secretion of hydrochloric acid and increases sliseobrazutee (White and Magee, 1958). Perhaps the occurrence of ulcers caused by the negative effects of histamine on stomach mucosa. It is known that the gastric carcinoids have the ability to allocate significant amounts of histamine (Sokoloff, 1968). Perforation of the intestine, as well as necrosis mucosa, are rare complications of carcinoid. Moertel et al. (1961) indicates the possibility of education of heart attacks the small intestine due to thrombosis of relevant vessels elements of the tumor tissue.