Carella method

Carella method - treatment of gradually increasing doses of milk from 50-150 ml per reception 3-4 times a day up to 1500 ml / day for the second week. A diet poor salts of sodium and contains a relatively large number of salts of potassium and calcium. This ratio of the mineral composition of the diet due to its good diuretic effect, manifested with the 3-4-day use. Diet Carella, however, is not without drawbacks: as unilateral food regime it is not physiological, and should not be used long-term; milk in large quantities often causes bloating, diarrhea.
Method Carella modified M. I. the Pevzner. Early treatment appoint milk every 2 hours 1/2 Cup 6, then 8 times a day. On the night give 1/2 Cup fruit juice with 20 g of glucose. 4-th day include other food products in a gradually increasing number in order for 3 weeks the patient was able to get eggs, bread, mashed cereals, meat and fish steam burgers and other poor portability fresh milk is possible to replace sour milk products. Method Carella shown at insufficiency of blood circulation in cases where conventional methods (for example, salt-free diet in combination with drug therapy is ineffective. Cm. nutritional therapy.