safflowerSafflower - Carthamus tinctorius L.
Family Asteraceae - Asteraceae Dum.
Annual grassy plant in height of 100 - 120 see the Root of the length of 25-35 see the Stem is erect, round, smooth, with branches. Leaves are sessile, alternately, rounded-ovoid. On the edge of the leaf blade, there are a piece of iron. Flowers large, single, orange-red. Sepals are green.
Blossoms in June. Bears fruit in July. Undemanding to soils. Drought-resistant.
Known only in culture. Particularly widespread in India. In recent years intensively introduced into culture in the USA.
Are used in food leaves and roasted seeds. In arid areas replaces the sunflower.
In the flowers contains vitamin E and carotene, and dyes red and yellow.
Is used in Chinese medicine (flowers and oil). Used in folk medicine at jaundice.
Recommended as a silo culture for Uzbekistan in the areas of Karakul sheep breeding.