X-ray cassettes

x-ray cassettes kodakCassettes x - light-tight enclosures intended for charging of x-ray photographs. X-ray cassettes is a flat rectangular box with a thin bottom and a massive cover, lined inside with a layer of cloth or felt and thin sheet of leadwhich is used for absorption of secondary radiation in the table for pictures and limits the quality of the x-ray image. X-ray cassettes completed two intensifying screens, between which lay when charging cassettes x-ray film. The surface of the tape, turned to the x-ray tube, made of homogeneous material, weakly absorbing x-ray radiation (aluminum, getinaks and others). Cover of the cassette is equipped with a springing device, ensuring a close adherence of the film surface to the plane intensifying screens. X-ray cassettes should be strong enough and hard not to prodavlivanija under the weight of the patient at radiography without screening of the lattice. The sizes of the x-ray cassettes in the USSR, usually correspond to the standard sizes of the films: 30-40 cm, 24 30cm, 18X24 cm, 13X18 and see
X-ray cassettes (especially working surfaces intensifying screens) should be carefully protected from contamination by dust and extraneous inclusions avoid artifacts in the images.