Healing power

If to speak about the rest of those who, so to say, "at odds" with the liver, stomach, intestine is suffering from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis or colitis here, in my opinion, the main thing is that people were prepared to treatment at the resort. The resort is only able to consolidate what has been achieved with dietary treatment, held throughout the year. Let's not hope to quickly and easily get rid of the disease, those who have long been neglected prescribed diet.
In fact, the diet is all in diseases of the digestive system. Diet and daily routine. The patient should not only eat at a certain time, and adapt their menu with the instructions of the doctor, but "on schedule" to take a walk, to go to bed. In this sense, the treatment at home or in the local Spa, located outside of the resorts (for example, sanatorium on the Kamenny island in Leningrad), no different from staying in Minvody, Kislovodsk, Yessentuki, or Pyatigorsk.
Of course, the great value has fresh, taken straight from the source of mineral water, but to accept it, respecting the regime and diet, and not after fatty kebabs and chebureks. I remember how important nutrition regime gave academician Pavlov. At dinner he has 10 minutes before the meal was a momentary silence, Ivan Petrovich offer visitors to think only about forthcoming meal. Throughout dinner by strictly regulated in time, after it was followed by a 40-minute break.
And this is the great physiologist considered mandatory for healthy people! Needless to say that for patients to establish proper, evidence-based nutrition is even more important.
Some people, once in the sanatorium, thinks that the most important thing is to get better, in other words - to gain weight. This is not true. The key is to take from the summer food is the most valuable thing for themselves, as widely as possible and more generous use of the gifts of the season to eat more vegetables, fruits, to supply the organism with all necessary vitamins, mineral salts. But, again, it can be done and without special trips in Essentuki and Kislovodsk.
To go there, I advise you not to everyone. There is an opinion that in recent times has increased significantly, say, the number of patients with liver. May argue. The impression it seems - just improved diagnosis of the disease at an early stage. And people who only the first symptoms of cholecystitis, tend to believe that they need a strong resorts of the North Caucasus. Meanwhile, the resort middle band would have on them a healing effect and unique resorts of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Mineral Waters better left to those who really need them.
It is very important that people with a particular resort, unconditionally believed in its healing properties, not nervous, not torture yourself by doubting.
Of course, such resorts as Zheleznovodsk for renal and hepatic diseases, Essentuki, Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk for gastrointestinal, for a long time will retain its reputation as the best in our country, and can be, and in the world. A rare combination of mineral springs with cool weather, clean mountain air has made the North Caucasus especially attractive for the inhabitants of different climatic zones. But as they say, not only in this resort area is sowing wedge came together.
In the Urals, Siberia, the far East, in Central regions, in the Central Asian republics are mineral springs, does not equal quality and healing properties glorious southern resorts. You should not consider them inferior. For example, ferrous mineral water at the resort "martial waters" in Karelia. Wonderful air Karelian forests and mineral water, combined with the quaint waterfalls, heaps of rocks makes this resort is especially attractive.
And do you know what the Tula resort "Krainka" has sources sulphate-calcium mineral water, similar to the healing effect of e water famous French resort of Contrexeville? What we can successfully treat diseases of the digestive system: stomach, intestines, chronic diseases of liver and biliary tracts, and even gallstone disease? What the resort "Yumatovo" in Bashkortostan for the treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive system is applied kumys, the same way as on the resort "Borovoye" in Kazakhstan?
In the Carpathians today near the world-famous Truskavets open a whole constellation of excellent resorts - "soimy", "Loan", "Polyana". And it is quite surprising that the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases can be carried out in Western Siberia. Here in the Krasnoyarsk region enjoys great fame resort "Lake Shira". Wonderful beach on the mineral lakes. The source of healing drink and then refreshing swim in alkaline water. Isn't it amazing?!
Recommend strongly recommend not to abandon packages to resorts is still little known and, following the advice of a physician, but to trust their health to new health centers that use the diversity and richness of the healing forces of our land.
S. E. Manoilov, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor