Cornflower blue

cornflower bluecornflower blue - Centaurea cyanus L.
Family Asteraceae - Asteraceae Dum.
The plant has a height of 30 to 60 cm, with the upright stem. Basal leaves are pinnatipartite, usually smooth-edged; medium - lanceolate, integral or at the base with teeth; the upper - linear. Baskets solitary at the ends of stalks and branches. Flowers are blue and purple. Achenes of 3,5-4,5 mm, compressed from sides, pubescent.
Blossoms from June to September. Re-seeding. The end of the growing season and the first decade of October. Unpretentious plant.
Distributed in the European part of the USSR, Central Asia, Western and Eastern Siberia, the far East, India, North Africa, North America.
Flowers containing bitter glycoside - centaury, used as a diuretic and a febrifuge, used in the form of lotions at disease of the eye. Good nectar plant. Green mass is very poisonous, when eating there are cases of poisoning cattle.