The cerebrosides

The cerebrosides is a group of compounds belonging to the complex fats (glycolipids); hydrolysis break up to sphingosine, galactose or glucose, as well as the balance of fatty acids. The cerebrosides found in large quantities in the brain structure, especially in the white matter of the brain and makalnyh nerve fibers.
Excessive accumulation of cerebrosides in the body and the appearance of them in large quantities in liver, spleen, bone marrow and lymph nodes associated with some diseases of the nervous system - the so-called neirolepticakimi.

The cerebrosides - substances belonging to the group of lipids and consisting of molecules amerosport - sphingosine, the molecules of fatty acids and sugar molecules (usually galactose). This is usually white powdery substance, but can be produced in crystalline form; not soluble in water, diethyl and petroleum ether, soluble in pyridine, chloroform, benzene and glacial acetic acid. All cerebrosides optically active. The cerebrosides (freezin and keratin) isolated from the brain of man. Established presence in the nervous tissue of two cerebrosides (nerve and Okinawan).
Between cerebrosides only differ in composition included in their molecule fatty acids. Fatty acids that are part of these compounds contain 24 carbon atoms. Thus, in the composition Karazina is Ognianova acid CH3 - (CH2)22-COOH; franzin, which is often called serebryanom, contains α oxaliplatin, or Cherepanovo, acid CH3(CH2)21 - NON - COOH, nerve - Neronova acid CH3(CH2),CH = CH(CH2)13 - COOH, Okinawan - auxinitwindow acid CH3(CH2)7CH = CH(CH2)12-NON-COOH. The position of axagroup in the latter cannot be regarded as finally established. In cerebrosides were found in small quantities and some other fatty acids.
In the animal organism, the bulk of the cerebrosides are found in nerve tissue, almost exclusively in the white matter of the brain. In some diseases of the nervous system called neirolepticakimi (Gaucher disease, Niemann - pick, and some others), the accumulation of cerebrosides in the brain, liver, spleen and lymph nodes. In the composition of these compounds often place molecules galactose is a molecule of glucose.
A reduction in the content of cerebrosides in the brain occurs when insulin coma, General tetanus, gas gangrene and strychnine poisoning. These facts indicate the presence of enzyme systems, synthesizing and splitting cerebrosides. Indeed shown that drugs brain tissue contain enzymes that catalyze the experience of in vitro enable Centners of sugar molecules in the Presence of cerebrosides enzyme that chip off galactose from the molecules of the Church,cannot be considered definitively proven, although in different forms of the experience of such activity in varying degrees, were observed.