The Church and the pain

As long as people heals, he is looking for ways to reduce the pain. The beginning of a new, anaesthesia era is October 16, 1846. On this day in the U.S. city of Boston, the patient was removed large tumor in his throat. Before the operation he was sedated, and the man felt no pain.
As you can see, this outstanding discovery not so many years. How do people get along without him?
Here's an old recipe of analgesic drugs:
"Take opium, juice of unripe mulberry, black henbane, Hemlock leaves and flowers, mix with juice, squeezed from the stalks of ivy. Razmery all this in a copper basin and put him in the sponge. Let the liquid boils before sunset in the hottest summer day. After a sponge absorbs all the contents of the jar, she is ready to eat. When necessary, put it on an hour in hot water and keep the nostrils until then, until someone falls asleep".
Opium, henbane, Mandrake, Indian hemp - all these plants since ancient times was known as therapeutic. Their intoxicating and analgesic properties people are established in practice. But they knew no chemical structure or mechanism of action of these funds. No wonder that the lack of knowledge were filled in all kinds of superstitious assumptions and perceptions.
Especially lucky the Mandrake - herbaceous plant, common in the area of the Mediterranean countries. The fact that the root of it remotely resembled the shape of a human figure, and this unexpected similarity gave rise to many legends about imaginary and real properties Mandrake. It was believed that night her head shone like a lamp that she is able to escape from the person if he didn't have time to circle her magic circle. A person does not need to touch the grass: the one who will pull out, instantly die. Ancient instruction is recommended to have a dog and a rope. The dog may be hungry, and the rope - a completely new. One end of a rope ought to tie the grass, the other - a dog and throw in front of her food. Rushing to her, the dog pulled the Mandrake from the earth.
Was it really so powerful and miraculous? No, of course. In Mandrake, as in other plants of the family Solanaceae - belladonna, Belene, dope, - contains atropine. The effect of this substance on the human body is quite diverse, and some fraction of atropine may relieve pain.
But a drink or infusion from Mandrake was not anesthesia. Not caused reliable loss of sensation and alcohol and natural drugs. "Sleepy" sponge did not justify its name. In 1927 researcher Margarita Bor checked their action in the experiment. She made a part of all the rules of classical medieval prescription. And what? She could not put down any experimental animal.
It is hard now to imagine a situation in operating darkoneko period. Hero of the Patriotic war of 1812 commander Bagration said that it is easier for him to spend six hours in combat than six minutes at the dressing area. What it really was, confirms the famous description field hospital in "War and peace" of L. Tolstoy, which brought the wounded Prince Andrew. That's part of this description: "...In the middle of the table sat the Tatar probably Cossack on his uniform, discarded near. Four soldiers held him. Doctor with glasses something was cutting into his brown, muscular back.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! as if grunted Tatar and, suddenly lifting up his skalistoe black snub-nosed face, showing his white teeth, began to tear, jerking and screaming shrilly-fly long squeal".
Death on the operating table from sharp, the unbearable pain nobody was surprised. Not once mentioned it and Pies. The obstruction of an artery or the nerve, to which they resorted even the doctors of Ancient Assyria, all the means by which tried to cause numbness tissue, not replaced anesthesia. That's why the circle of surgical treatment was so limited.
What is the position in this question occupied the Church? As it pertained to the search of anaesthetics and pain?
Alcoholic anesthesia Church condemned as immoral. The pain she felt evil, specially established by God for all people. People must obey everything that comes from God. If he sends trials, they have to endure.
According to the logic of the Church's teaching, all searches painkillers resulted in a violation of God's law. They went from Satan, the devil, who always encouraged a man to revolt. And people, warned the Church people had no right to destroy what bequeathed to them in the books of Holy Scripture.
As always, these arguments were supported with quotes from the Bible. Usually went in the course of the story of the fall into sin of the first people, Adam and eve, and about the subsequent punishment. If people are to blame for the fact that God sent them a disease, let patiently endure suffering. Especially women. Because through them, as the Bible said, and entered the world of sin. Eva pushed Adam to disobey, she was stronger and punished. Now, as recorded in the Bible, a woman will be in pain to give birth children.
Who will dare to relieve her from the pain, bequeathed by God himself?
Scottish court in 1591 condemned to burning wife of Lord because during the birth, she was asked to give her some calming drug. In Hamburg in 1521 died at the stake doctor who was disguised by a midwife and assisted in childbirth.
As you can see, the attitude of the Church to the anesthesia was certain - sin be punished.
And yet, the time has come when it is "satanic invention" became unruly world of people. Scottish obstetrician Simpson in search radioobozreniya funds found a soporific effect fumes of chloroform. He reported on the successful experiences of physicians of Edinburgh, and soon the news spread through the whole world.
It happened in November 1847.
Erupted shaped scandal. The Church protested. A hundred years earlier alone might not be enough to Simpson sought refuge in another country. Now it has moved to the area verbal brawl. Simpson appeared in print with hot articles in defense of humanity application of chloroform. Clergy from their pulpits sent biblical and non-biblical curses upon the heads of the wicked of the doctor and his followers, who dare to shoot with women is not that other, as part of the original sin.
Simpson invented the right move: he decided to strike the enemy with his own weapons.
"My opponents, " said he, " forget about the existence of that verse in the Bible that mentions the first surgery, produced on earth, when the Creator before you get from Adam's rib for eve was created, loaded him into a deep sleep.
What could I do? Indeed, this episode in the Holy Scripture there. Then the clergy left the last word. They claimed that God had created Adam before the fault of the woman entered the world of suffering.
But to retreat, they still had.