Caesarean section

Caesarean section is an operation in which, dissecting the pregnant uterus, remove the fetus and the placenta.
There are two ways caesarean section: abdominal - dissection of the uterus after opening the front wall of the abdomen and vaginal - dissection of the uterus at the lower end through the front of the vault of the vagina.
Absolute indications in abdominal way (the impossibility of any method of delivery): 1) absolutely narrow pelvis with true conjugate not more than 6 cm; 2) scar narrowing of the vagina; 3) tumor that violate cross generic ways. Relative indications (delivery is possible through the birth canal only through one of plodorozsadnyk operations): 1) narrow pelvis (anatomic or clinical); 2) the placenta previa; 3) premature detachment normally situated placenta; 4) prolapse of the umbilical cord at the head previa; 5) urinary fistula; 6) an unfavourable position, the insert and the presentation of the fetus; 7) late toxicosis; 8) tumors of the vagina, uterus and appendages; 9) the disease of cardiovascular system, hypertonic illness, diabetes in the mother; 10) of the previous operations on the genitals, scars on the uterus after former operations barred until 2 years (perforation of the uterus, Filumena myomatous nodes, sutured gaps in delivery) or complicated postoperative period in the past; 11) peremeshennoi of the fetus, more than 290 days.
The operation can be performed when: 1) the absence of conditions infection in pregnant woman (SAC whole, normal body temperature mothers); 2) live and viable fetus; 3) the consent of the pregnant woman on the operation.
If there is no indication for immediate delivery, the operation should be performed when started labor activity (at the first fights)that provides the best uterine contractions in the postoperative period and outflow lohii.
Preparation for surgery: special processing of the vagina with the abdominal Caesarean section is not required. Prepare only the external genitals (shave hair, wash the skin of her hips, pubic disinfectant solutions using Topfer, process abrasion and excoriation 5% alcoholic iodine solution). The patient is offered to urinate, in cases of difficulty voiding the bladder empty catheter. Special attention is paid to processing of the navel. After the performed manipulations woman is transferred to the operating table, which produces the proper training of the operating field of a front abdominal wall, as in abdominal surgery.
At the moment of removal of the fruit midwife must be ready to receive him, having all necessary for pumping slime (canister) of the upper respiratory tract.
Postoperative period (see) is for all rules that are used to chrevosechenie. You must follow the uterus, paying attention to the selection of blood to remember about the possibility of hypotonic or unusual bleeding (see Childbirth).
For a newborn should be organized special care and supervision (see the Newborn).
Vaginal cesarean section is performed if indicated for abortion from 13 to 27 weeks (severe nephropathy, eclampsia, a disease of the Central nervous system, cardiovascular system, lungs, kidneys pregnant).

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