Radioactive cesium

Radioactive cesium - isotope of cesium. Cesium (Cesium Cs) is a chemical element of group I of the periodic system of elements of D. I. Mendeleev; serial number 55, atomic weight (mass) 132, 905. Known several radioactive isotopes of cesium. All of them received an artificial way. Most of them is short-lived and in practice is not used. Practical importance of artificial radioactive isotope Cs137, resulting from the fission of U235. This gamma-emitting isotope of cesium with a half-life of 27 years and energy radiation of 0,661 May. Gamma constant Cs137 equal 3.10 p·]/hour·mkori; gamma-equivalent to 1 mkori Cs137 is 0.37 mg·EQ RA. Drugs Cs137 widely used as source ' -radiation for therapeutic gamma-ray devices, experimental gamma irradiators and spacecraft for gamma radiography (see Gamma-ray apparatuses). The advantage of Cs137 in front of Over60 is much more to the half-life and lower energy ' -radiation, which allows to avoid frequent reloading of gamma-ray machines and reducing the weight of the necessary protective devices. However, in clinical practice, predominantly use With60 with great energy ' -radiation.