Chapman environment

Chapman environment (G. N. Chapman) used for the detection of the pathogen Staphylococcus. These environments can be considered for elective pathogenic coagulatory of staphylococci.
Wednesday I: peptone - 1% (you can use any peptone or hydrolyzed casein or soy); d-mannitol - 1%; NaCl - 7,5%; yeast extract - 0,25%; phosphate disubstituted potassium - 0,5%; agar-agar - 1,5%. Wednesday sterilized 30 minutes at temperature of 110 degrees (pH=7.0) and add 10% sterile skim milk. Milk promotes better education pigment. Milk should be sterilized separately.
Wednesday II: peptone - 1%; yeast extract - 0,25%; gelatin-3%; lactose-0,2%; d-mannitol - 1%; NaCl - 7,5%; phosphate disubstituted potassium - 0,5%; agar-agar - 1,5%. Sterilized and environment I (pH=7,0). In this environment, it is easy to detect the presence of the proteolytic activity of pathogenic Staphylococcus by hydrolysis of gelatin that is found, if the surface of the Cup, pour 20% solution sulfosalicylic acid. In case of positive reaction around microbial colonies are formed transparent zone - the reaction of stone. This reaction is relevant to the detection of Staphylococcus, forming an enterotoxin, which are characterized by the presence of severe proteolytic activity. Cm. also Nutrient medium.