Carlina syndrome

Carlina syndrome [S. Charlin (synonym syndrome nourishing nerve)]- syndrome that develops when the disease nourishing nerve and characterized by paroxysmal pain in the eyes, and the corresponding half of the nose, a rash on the skin of the nose and forehead, changes in the anterior part of the eye (conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis or corneal ulcer), hyperemia and swelling of nasal mucous membrane (with profuse discharge, especially during the attack). The pain is very strong, not adequate to the objective changes. Most often occur at night. Patients can not sleep and spend the night sitting. Interictal periods occur without pain, although there are cases when completely pain is still not disappear. Palpation of the eyeball, the inner corner of the socket corresponding to half of the nose and mucous membranes noted pain. Along with this classic form are observed less expressed, erased, forms, which, according to Carlin, are much more common. Thus, in some cases, changes in the anterior part of the eye can be very little pronounced, and identify their possible only through a slit lamp. Between changes from the eyes and nose may not be parallelism: runny nose may stop and phenomena of the eye to increase or, on the contrary, on the foreground there is a heavy cold, which is joined by a low pain in the eyes. Phenomena from the side of the nose can from the start completely absent. Skin rash may also be absent or they expressed little and quickly pass. Therefore the patient does not fix them. It is possible that the rash associated with involvement in the process ciliary site. In the basis of the pathogenesis of the syndrome, Carlino, can lie hypertrophy turbinate, deviated septum, inflammation of the paranasal cavities of the nose, diseases of tooth-jaw system. It is necessary to differentiate syndrome Carlina with the disease ciliary node; at last all the pathological processes are expressed only in the eye. With the defeat of the wing-palatal site, as with the syndrome Carlina, there hyperemia and soreness of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, but in the first case, these phenomena are expressed mainly in the posterior part of the nose, and the second (syndrome Carlina) - in the front. Lubrication of the nasal mucosa 5% solution of cocaine with adrenaline results for both diseases to eliminate or reduce pain, but with the defeat of the wing-palatal site effect is achieved when exposed to anesthetic on the back, and syndrome Carlina - on the front part of the nasal cavity (see Sladura syndrome).
The treatment should be aimed at eliminating the root cause of the disease. At the same time it is advisable to appoint a systematic lubricating mucous membrane of the nose cocaine-adrenaline solution or nasal electrophoresis with novocaine.