Greater celandine

greater celandine
Fig. 82. Greater celandine.

Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) is a wild plant. Grass contains alkaloids. Powdered with carbolic acid used in the form of paste in tuberculosis skin, grass - as zhelchegonnoe means at illnesses of a liver.
In the end of spring in the forest and on weed places, along roads and near the fences appear Golden yellow, like buttercups flowers celandine. They sit for long branched stems.
The celandine beautiful carved leaves, top-green, from below bluish. Meets celandine throughout the European part of our country, the Caucasus, Siberia, somewhere in Central Asia. It is not only in the Northern regions.
Plant have characteristic feature: if you break a twig or a leaf, there is latex, which is on the air immediately turns orange-red color. And when contaminated hands, yellow spot after a while brown, like iodine missed this place. The juice of this bitter, pungent, unpleasant, though weak smell. The whole plant is poisonous, especially the root.