How did man become man?

When we asked what people are different from animals, we usually answer: a man is intelligent, thinking. Although this answer is consistent with legalized in Zoology by the name of " man" (Homo sapiens is a reasonable man, he is not quite accurate. The beginnings of "reason"primitive thinking there and in animals. Therefore, you should say what you mean by "mind". To clarify my thought, we'll have to explain: the mind of man we call it the capacity to targeted impact on the environment, to consciously planned employment.
In fact, the animals, too, "work", but what a huge difference between their intensive activities and the work of man! K. Marx wrote: "Spider carries out transactions, reminiscent of the operation of a weaver, and a bee-wax build their cells puts to shame some people - architects. But the worst architect from the best of bees from the beginning is different because, before building the cell from wax, he had built it in his mind." This ability to pre-plan their actions and distinguishes the human mind from the animal psyche.
Peculiarities of structure and working of the human brain that determine the consciousness of the person, as well as fundamental differences between the living conditions of people governed by public law, and the living conditions of animals leave their mark on all aspects of the human body. But with all these differences would be a serious mistake not to see the General in the major functions of the body of humans and animals. Because in order to be a being conscious, one should first of all be a living creature. It is these processes that underlie life of any organism, similar in humans and animals.
Where, exactly, happened man? As it became reasonable?
For many centuries mental activity of the person remained a mystery of mysteries. It was the Holy of holies, which was based religious and idealistic ideas about the divine nature of man. Therefore, the most important link connecting living with inanimate and finally establish the triumph of science, were intended to become information about how man became man. The link that was forged in two stages.
The first of these was the famous work of F. Engels showed that man has risen above the animal world, thanks to the work. It is labor activity has been a guiding influence of natural selection, which gave a "green light" to improve the hands and the human brain - the bodies which were first of all prerequisites for successful employment. In this sense, as pointed out by Engels, we can assume that "labour has created the person".
The second stage was the work started I. M. Sechenov and brilliantly developed I. P. Pavlov, on the establishment of physiological, material bases of mental activity.
As we have seen, science step by step opened indissoluble unity of nature, revealed the links of the chain that stretched from inorganic solids up to the highest manifestations of life - human consciousness. The main of these links, the principal stages of the ascent from the lowest to the highest were:
- the fact of the identity of the chemical elements of animate and inanimate nature;
- formation of organic compounds;
- protein synthesis, the capacity of metabolism;
- the emergence of living cells with their complex structure;
- the evolution of life from the simplest to the higher forms;
- the birth of the animal psyche and consciousness of man.
It should be emphasized that some of these links are forged yet up to the end. Perhaps the most difficult of them, be serious study is the path from protein to lump of cells. Continue to deepen our understanding, and other links. The invincibility of the progress of science guarantee further success in realization of all the world's mysteries, including the mysteries of life.