The child care

The care for a sick child has a number of peculiarities. The staff of the children's offices must pass special training. Parting with family, hospital stays, Spa treatments inevitably hurt the psyche of the child. The task of the medical personnel to provide care, which maximally weaken the negative impact of the hospital environment. When taken to the hospital, the child should affectionately to distract him from his breakup with his family to learn about the habits of the child, the regime that followed the house; in the emergency room should be toys (it is permissible to take a clean and safe washable toys).
In the chambers should be comfortable, in the Arsenal of medical tools should be toys, pictures, cheerful books. Need frequent airing in combination with disinfection of air, ultraviolet radiation bactericidal lamps (children remaining in the house, put on special glasses). Beds need to be with devices allowing to adjust the Height of the head, and for children of early age - lattice side walls, one of which is hinged. Mattresses better hair or of sea grass, cotton wool. Small children mattress covered with oilcloth, then sheets.
Children Department should have verandas for daytime sleep in the fresh air; convalescent children are allowed distance.
Of great importance to the day, corresponding to the age and condition of the sick child.
In the evening you want to exclude all moments, stimulating the nervous system of the child. Power mode depends on the age of the child and the nature of the disease: fed should at the same time, in small portions, slowly; to give more liquid (if there are no contraindications), vitamins; you cannot force feed. Children should get the General hygienic or medical baths (see Baths for children). Sick in the morning and at night, you should RUB the face, neck, folds of the skin with a cotton swab dipped in warm boiled water. Infants wash away several times a day, and then thoroughly dry your body with soft towel, folds of the skin cuticles boiled vegetable or mineral oil. Linen and clothing should be of soft tissue pleasant colours and carefully selected according to size and age. Important educational work. For children of school age with the permission of the doctor offers lessons at school.
Nurse conducts special nursing sheet for each child, which highlighted sleep, appetite, chair and other information.
Tablets small children should crush and mix with sugar syrup. If the child does not open your mouth, you can gently squeeze his nose with two fingers, while the child opens his mouth to breathe, and he poured the medicine. Sick weakened child must increasingly take on hand, in order to avoid congestion in the lungs. In case of vomiting, the child must quickly to plant or lay on its side; at the end vomiting, rinse his mouth and give to drink a few SIPS of cold water. The measurement of body temperature in young children has its specificity (see Thermometry of the body).