Hinozol (Chinosolum; synonym: Idril, Soloxin) - antiseptic agent. Apply hinozol for hand disinfection, washing ulcers, douches in dilution 1 : 1000-1:2000, and also in the form of powders (1-2%) and ointments (5-10%).
As a contraceptive use chinacapoten (Chinoceptinum), contains 0.03 g of hinozol and 0.75 g foaming mass in one pill. Enter in the vagina , 2 tablets for 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse, preliminary having moistened with water.

Hinozol (Chinosolum) - antiseptic; sulfate 8-oksihinolina. Used to disinfect hands, washing wounds, ulcers and in gynaecological practice in the form of solutions 1 : 1000-1 : 2000, 1-2% of powders and 5-10% ointments. The release form: powder. Cm. also Antiseptic.