Self-mutilation is the intentional infliction of harm to their health. Self-mutilation is usually done in order to exemption from military service evasion of conscription, release from prison, as well as in order to receive insurance premium.
Methods of self-harm diverse. For these purposes, problems firearms, chopped, ground, cut or other damage, the cause various skin ulcers, enclose limbs under the wheels of a moving vehicle, is injected under the skin of different substances, and also taking into some medicines.
Self-harm can be caused by so-called passive methods. For example, artificial fixation of the joint. It should be kept in mind that crippling damage can cause yourself mentally ill, in this case the forensic-psychiatric examination.
The task of the forensic medical examination of suspicious-mutilation is the exception or the proof that this pathological state caused artificially. The expert must determine the nature, characteristics of damage and whether the victim under certain conditions to get their damage. To do this, for example, with gunshot injuries determine the direction of the shot, the distance from which it is produced, with injuries cutting objects, the direction of impact and other
In practice, the court-medical expertise may be cases when simulated robbery, rape, assault, and others, and to create the visible reality of the incident these people wreck themselves various injuries.
The punishment for the mutilation provided Art. 80, ch. II of the criminal code of the RSFSR, item 249 of the criminal code of the RSFSR, and the relevant articles of the criminal code of the Union republics. Cm. also the Simulation.

Mutilation - deliberate and protivopravnoy harm their health.
Usually mutilation do aimed at exemption from military service in the army, release from prison, receive insurance premium.
Methods of self-harm is extremely varied: application of firearms, chopped, stabbed, cut or other damage; use of different skin irritants or hot objects; introduction of a variety of substances under the skin; putting limbs under the wheels of a moving vehicle; the creation of various artificial diseases - hernia, of rectal prolapse, diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases of the eyes, nose, ear, lung, stomach, intestines and other; creation of artificial diseases by ingestion of drug and other substances.
Health damage may be caused not only by damage or summoning sickness this or that intervention, but also passive methods. For example, artificial fixation of one or another of the joint may eventually lead to contractions. Artificial depletion may be caused by starvation, by the refusal of vitamin preparations (last described in the North).
The mentally ill, suffering from hysteria, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and individuals chronically abusing alcohol, often cause himself crippling damage.
With suspected mental illness necessarily carried out forensic psychiatric examination.
The task of the judicial-medical examination for suspected mutilation is to exclude or to prove artificial origin of this or that pathological state. In that case, set their character, than they could be caused and under any circumstances; it turns out, could the victim himself to cause the damage. For example, when a gunshot injuries determine the shooting distance, direction, localization input and output holes. From these data, the experts evaluate the possibility of receiving injury under certain specific conditions.
In order to conceal the mutilation of his often try to pass off a combat injury, accident, etc. As you know, when fired at close range, and delayed wound soot and Poroshenko. When mutilation try to prevent their accumulation by covering the area of the body, in which the shot is made, any object (towel, clothes, a loaf of bread, and a flask with water and others). Methods for the examination of various forms of self-harm, detection of artificial origin of the disease, methods of laboratory investigations, expert and investigative experiment varied and numerous.
Often the goal, pursued by clinometer, determines the form, manner, and localization of self-harm. The damage is often applied in such a way that it allowed to reach the goal. For example, if you mean exemption from military service, damage (pathological symptom or syndrome) must match one of the articles of the schedule of diseases, exempting from military service. On the other hand, these individuals tend to cause damage, not dangerous for life and do not result in too great disability. Hence more likely to self-harm is committed in the area of the left hand, less frequently, forearms and feet.
In the practice of forensic examination, there are cases simulation robbery, assault, rape. The "victim" in order to create greater plausibility or for other reasons, sometimes causes their damage, up to the fire. Such a simulation may pursue different goals.
Self-mutilation as an offence provided by the Criminal code of the RSFSR and the criminal codes of the Union republics. Article 80, part II of the criminal code of the RSFSR determines the punishment for evading regular call-up to active military service by causing bodily harm, or by simulating illness. Article 249 of the criminal code of the RSFSR is determined by the penalty for evasion of military service by mutilation or other means.
Cm. also Aggravate, Artificial diseases, Wounds and injuries (firearms in forensic against), the Simulation.