Chloramine (Chloraminum In; synonym Chlorazene) - antiseptic agent. Has a strong antiseptic and deodorizing effect, has spermatotsydnoe properties. Use bleach to treat infected wounds (1,5-2% solution)for rinsing, washing eyes, hand disinfection (0,25 - 0,5% solutions), disinfection of non-metallic tools, neutralization of mustard gas and other S skin blister agent actions (2-5% water or a 5% alcohol solution for skin treatment and 0,2-0,5% aqueous solutions for washing of mucous membranes eye), for disinfection of objects of care and discharge of patients with intestinal infections, a scarlet fever, diphtheria, influenza (1-3% solution), tuberculosis (5% solution), and other
As contraceptive use locatin (Chloceptinum)containing 0,013 g of bleach and 0,85 g foam mixture in one pill. Moistened with water pill is injected into the vagina for 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Chloramine keep in a well-corked banks in a cool dark place.
Cm. also Antiseptic.

Chloramine B (Chloraminum) - an antiseptic and disinfectant; benzensulphochloramide-yatri. Contains 25-29% active chlorine. Applied in the form of solutions for the treatment of infected wounds (1,5-2% solution), for disinfection of hands (0.25-0.5% solution), in gynecological practice, for disinfection of linen, products and intestinal secretions and drip infections (1-5% solution). In the dental practice 4% solution of bleach for sterilization tip drill, 2% - for treatment of canals in the treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis, 0,25 - 1% solution as an antiseptic and as accelerating the process of epithelization with stomatitis. The release form: powder. Cm. also Antiseptic, Disinfectant.