Hloridin (Chloridinum; synonym: tinturin, Pyrimethamine; list B) is an antimalarial drug. Applied for the treatment of malaria, in combination with Galkina or hingaminom (see), and when toxoplasmosa in combination with sulfadimezinom (see). Assign inside of 0.03 g / day 2-3 reception. In the application of hloridine possible headache, pain in the heart, diarrhoea disorders, decrease in hemoglobin. Hloridin contraindicated in diseases of blood-forming organs, kidneys, as well as during pregnancy in the first 9 weeks. Method of production of hloridine: powder and pills to 0.01g and 0.025, Keep in dark place.
Cm. also Antimalarials.

Hloridin (Chloridinum; synonym: Daraprim, Pyrimethamine; list - antimalarial and protivookislitionay the drug; 2,4-diamino-5-perchlorvinyl-6-ethylpyrimidine. For cupping of malaria in adults hloridin appoint 0.03 g / day 2-3 reception for 2-4 days, for chemoprophylaxis - 0,025 g 1 time per week. With toxoplasmosis in adults H. appoint 3 courses for 5 days with breaks in 1-3 weeks at a daily dosage of 0.05 g 2-3 admission; children in smaller doses according to age.
Side effects are - headache, diarrhoea phenomenon, decrease the amount of hemoglobin.
Hloridin nor should appoint women in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy in order to avoid toxic effects on the fetus. Method of production: powder and pills to 0.01g and 0,g. Cm. also Antimalarials.