Chloroform (Chloroformium; list B) is a drug. There are 2 types of medication: chloroform (Chloroformium), applied externally, and chloroform for anaesthesia (Chloroformium pro narcosi) - specially purified product. Chloroform has low latitude narcotic and is characterized by significant toxicity - causes myocardial damage and liver, violates the metabolism. In this regard, chloroform as the drug is rarely used. Externally chloroform appointed as liquid ointments with velenim oil, turpentine and other substances for grinding. Chloroform for anesthesia produced in bottles of 50 ml Cm. also Drugs.

Chloroform (Chloroformium pro narcosi, Chloroformium anaeslhesicum) as a tool for inhalation narcosis; trichlormethane. Transparent volatile liquid; neogneopasen. Due to high toxicity and low-drug latitude is going away. Currently, it is recommended to use chloroform only when combined anesthesia as an additional means of short duration, and in small concentrations (up to about 1 to 1.5%), always in combination with oxygen and the use of special equipment, providing precise dosage. Sometimes chloroform assign inside of 3-5 drops when ICoTA, vomiting. Also used as an external agent for friction. Cm. also Drugs.