Hlorpropamid (Chlorpropamidum; list B) - protivodiabeticakih means. Applied for the treatment of diabetes light and medium forms. Effective with the development of resistance to butamida and ziklomedu. Assign inside. Doses set individually. The daily dose in the first 3-5 days is 0,25-0,75, Then dose hlorpropamida reduced to 0.25-0.1 g per day. Higher doses: single 0.3 g daily - 1, Possible side effects: allergic reactions, lakopenia, agranulozitos, diarrhea, cholestatic jaundice. Hlorpropamid is contraindicated in violation of the liver, jaundice, acute infectious diseases, pregnancy. Form: tablets : 0.25 and 0.1,
Cm. also Protivodiabeticakih funds.

Hlorpropamid (Chlorpropamidum; SYN. Diabinese; list B) - sulfanilamidnykh protivodiabeticakih the preparation for the interior; N-(4-chlorobenzenesulfonyl)-N-proprotein. Compared with butamida has a more pronounced glucose-lowering effect. On the mechanism actions on carbohydrate metabolism close to other sulfa drugs. Rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, hlorpropamid after 2-4 hours after administration accumulates in the blood in therapeutically active concentration, which remains for a long time due to gradual release of the drug kidneys. Indications, contraindications and application are the same as for other drugs of this group. Therapeutic doses during the first 3-5 days of 0,25-0,5-0,75 g per day, followed by a gradual reduction to 0.25-0.1 g per day. Form: tablets : 0.25 and 0.1 G. store in a dark place.