Holagol (Cholagolum) - cholagogue. Contains colouring matter turmeric root, emodin from krushiny, magnesium salicylate, essential oils, alcohol, olive oil. Provides zhelchegonnoe and spasmolytic effect. Apply holagol in zhelchnokamennoy disease, holetsistitah. Assign inside 5 drops (sugar) 3 times a day. During attacks biliary colics take 20 drops once.
The form of release of holahola: vials to 5 ml
Cm. also Cholagogue.

Holagol (Cholagol) - cholagogue, which is the total product containing colouring matter turmeric root (0,0225 g), emodin from krushiny (0,009 g), magnesium salicylate (0.18 g), essential oils (5,535 g), alcohol (0.8 g), olive oil (up to 10). Also has spasmolytic effect. Shown in zhelchnokamennoy disease, holetsistitah, gepatoholetsistitah. Assign inside 5 drops (sugar) 3 times a day for half an hour before eating, when attacks biliary colics - 20 drops once. If there dyspepsia take holagol during or after a meal. Available in vials to 5 ml Produced in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Approved for use in the USSR.