The chondrite

The chondrite - inflammation of the cartilage. Rarely, accompanied by significant destruction of cartilage tissue. Typically a leakage is a complication of an infectious disease (fever, scarlet fever, influenza, pneumonia , and other) and occurs in 2-3 weeks after the disease, often in the costal cartilages, and cartilages of the larynx; possible development of chondrite and after injury.
In the etiology of chondrite emphasizes bacterial embolism, or With-deficiency diseases that cause bleeding in the line of bone and cartilage of the joints or primary necrosis of the cartilage (chondromalacia) and subsequent merger of infection. Originally inside the cartilage is formed purulent cavity. Further inflammatory process covers nahradnich (perihodit) and surrounding soft tissue, formed infiltrate with a plot of purulent fusion in the center.
Clinic of chondrite characterized by pain in the affected cartilage and dense swelling over them; characteristically, the body temperature remains normal or low-grade. After a few days the swelling softened, and if the abscess breaks up spontaneously, a non-healing fistula.
Treatment. In the initial period of the disease - tetracycline antibiotics, physiotherapeutic procedures (quartz, UHF); in the destruction of the cartilage and education infiltrate or abscess - operation.

A leakage (chondritis; from the Greek. chondros - cartilage) is an inflammation of the cartilage.
Due to poverty vessels and weak regenerative capacity of the cartilage inflammation rare and poorly expressed. In inflammatory processes in cartilage is observed, as a rule, significant destruction. Often a leakage is a complication abdominal, typhus, relapsing fever and infections protivoskol group. This often affects the rib cartilage, then the cartilages of the larynx. There chondrites and other infectious diseases (influenza, pneumonia, scarlet fever, diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis, syphilis, rheumatism). The chondrites can develop as a result of injury, especially firearms.
Clinically, the most popular chondrite edges; the defeat of the cartilage of large joints does not occur in isolation but is part arthritis (see). In the process almost always involved and nahradnich (perihodit). It is proved that the primary process begins in the cartilage. If you are involved in the process of nadgraditi it should be treated as hendropriyono. The disease may occur in a few months, and sometimes years after infection. The process starts with necrosis rib cartilage and development inside a small cavity made granulation tissue and pus. Then engage the surrounding soft tissues (muscles, fascia, cellulose) and formed inflammatory infiltrate with a cavity in the centre, made of liquid pus grey, yellow or brown color in which floating cartilage sequesters; further fistulas occur. A leakage often affects several neighboring rib cartilage, sometimes on both sides.
Clinically when chondrite marked pain in the rib cartilage (sometimes painful), the emergence of a dense swelling; most often the process is localized at the level of V-VIII rib. The body temperature is often normal or low-grade. The color of the skin over the swollen for a long time does not change; in the future, especially when softening swelling, skin above it becomes bluish-red colour. If not promptly provided a rational treatment, abscess is opened independently and fistulas appear (sometimes multiple).
Antibiotic treatment of the chondrite sometimes it effectively; the most useful application tetracycline drugs. At occurrence of fistula use antibiotics depending on the sensitivity of microflora. In the absence of the effect of conservative treatment shown surgery is to carefully remove all affected areas in healthy tissues; relapses often occur in the abandonment of even small areas of damaged cartilage. With the localization process below VI ribs have to delete the whole cartilaginous arc VII through IX rib.
Sometimes cartilaginous portion of the rib is affected by tuberculosis (TB chondrite). The process usually develops on the border with bone part of the edge or at the place of articulation with the breastbone. The cartilage can be involved in the process through the periosteum following the defeat of the neighboring peripherally lymph vessels and nodes. In the cartilage in these cases dominated phenomena necrosis followed by suppuration. Quickly fistulas appear that a long time does not heal. If the cartilage becomes involved in the process following the defeat of the sternum, swelling appears on the edge of a breast bone. Treatment of tuberculous chondrite complex, play the leading role antibiotics. If there is no effect of this treatment, surgical excision of the lesion, which quickly leads to recovery.
When chondrite larynx primarily found an ulcer of the mucous membrane is exposed cartilage, possible sequestration. May occur edema of the glottis with respiratory distress, which requires an emergency tracheotomy. In the long course may experience severe stenosis of the larynx.