Pathological anatomy of chronic pancreatitis

In chronic pancreatitis detected diffuse or, more often, the limited area of the head, body or tail cancer inflammatory-degenerative, necrotic and atrophic changes of glandular tissue and the growth of connective tissue of the body. Along with this there are signs of regeneration of the body in the form of plots hyperplasia with the formation of adenomas. Can affect how achinskie cells and tissue Islands. Depending on the nature and duration of the pathological process in the pancreas prevail atrophic and hypertrophic or phenomenon is the development of fibrosis.
In the initial phases of the disease observed a small increase and the seal of the authority, hemorrhage and phenomena edema. In the future there cicatrices, calcification violation of the cross ducts; iron can have a cartilaginous consistency, the size of its decrease. Histological examination found pockets of acute inflammation and hemorrhagic necrosis, mainly vnutridiskovoe the growth of connective tissue, the cells regeneration, development of small cystic cavities due to compression of the ducts. The islets of Langerhans remain unchanged, but further atrophy and subjected to hardening. Along with this, sometimes reveals their hypertrophy.