Chronic proctitis

Chronic proctitis unlike acute - very common. Occurs seamlessly and invisibly. Common symptoms are almost absent. Local symptoms also expressed brightly: or just itching in anal area, or weeping, or burning. Sometimes all these things are happening at the same time.
Often manifestations of chronic proctitis so minor that the patient avoids to go to the doctor, is home remedies and continues to lead a normal life. Process the same time, developing: by eating spicy food increases the burning sensation in the rectum, appear mucous or mucopurulent discharge, sometimes on the foreground there is a sharp itching in the back passage. The function of the intestine is usually not violated.
After some time the disease can be complicated by hemorrhoids, the paraproctitis, the fissures. Changes in the skin around the anus, anal itching become so significant that remind weeping eczema. The patient gradually loses the ability to work, there is nervousness, sleep disturbances , etc.
On examination determined hypertrophy of skin wrinkles, discoloration of the skin, humidity and other eczematous phenomenon around the anus. When finger examination of the rectum and the anal canal usually are small polypoid education - engorged nipples, which formed as a result of chronic inflammation. They often mistakenly regarded as polyps anal canal.
When rectoromanoscopy detect small changes of the mucous membrane - injection vessels or, on the contrary, the smoothness of vascular pattern, separate dotted haemorrhage, mucous raids. Treatment of chronic proctitis long, sometimes continues intermittently in several months.
As in an emergency, the leading place in the treatment of chronic proctitis is diet. However, difficulties arise: since the process chronic and requires a correspondingly long-term treatment, the patient often does not stand regime violates it. Meanwhile, just one glass of dry wine or savoury food (even a small piece of herring)that the process intensified.
Diet for chronic proctitis is basically the same as for acute. Can it only slightly to expand, increasing the amount of protein products.
As for the General treatment, then, given the increased irritability sick, sleep disturbance, etc., need to pay special attention to the condition of nervous system and assign a sedative therapy. To recommend a generic type, you should carefully because some of them (for example, bromine and iodine) can irritate the mucous membrane of the rectum and can interfere with the basic treatment.
We emphasize again that the treatment of proctitis allergologie enema most effective. Therefore, before changing the type of treatment, it is necessary to carefully analyze why treatment allergologie enemas no results. Often the reason lies in the violation of diet and / or inaccurate rules of use of cleansing and healing enemas.