Chronophotography - filming or photographing a moving object through short intervals of time. Chronophotography allows you to register all kinds of motor disorders, the process walk to the prosthesis, small movements of the fingers (tremor), etc.

Chronophotography is photographing a moving object in even small time intervals.
Currently, chronophotography produce means kinotechnika with different frequency depending on the objectives of the study. For the purposes of measuring analysis of movements by means of the standard and most common techniques in the USSR (the Central Institute of physical education) developed the so-called kinometa processing chronophotography. Determination of initial data of the body motion path and time - conducted for personnel of cinegram through a number of devices, simplifying and clarifying measurements and calculations. To determine the path of motion in locomotion (walking, running, jumping) on the right scale developed a special technique of filming telephoto (to eliminate large perspective distortion) with eskosloven obturator to get clear shots. Simultaneously with the shooting object is removed and the frame of reference in the form of pegs (Fig. 1 and 2).
The combination of dynamometry (see) with chronophotography (or rather, kinografika) gives a clear picture of the flow of the movement from the beginning to the end of it through all the phases in connection with dynamic factors. In Fig. 3 shows the diagram, confirming the possibility of simultaneous observation of kinematics and dynamics of movement in the frame of kilogramme. The obtained data allow to have a reasoned judgment in sports on sports techniques and recommendations for its improvement, in orthopaedy - about the nature of existing violations, success, etc.,
The described technique, which is currently only applied in practice by type of chronophotography, finds wide application in medicine. Chronophotography allows you to register in natural conditions and detailed analysis of all sorts of violations walk when paresis, ataxia, hyperkinetic disorders, and so on, walk on prostheses, infringement of coordination of movements of the upper limbs, small movements (tremors) fingers, eyeballs, laryngeal cartilages, oral and facial muscles and other

Fig. 1. Chronophotography reflecting phase, repulsion in the long jump with a running start (visible large-scale pegs).
Fig. 2. Layout distant filming walking, running, jumping and such locomotor movements: - camera; P - jumper, B - brusok; I - pit; and large - scale pegs [the distance between the photographed object (P) and pegs (a) - 3 m].
Fig. 3. The schema definitions of vehicle dynamics by shooting with krupnosortnyj dynamometers (F1 - horizontal; F2 - vertical) to register variables composing the pressure on the support.