What was in the Cup fifth angel?

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Is it any wonder that, once begun, the epidemic of some disease did not stop until, until walked around the entire city. She rushed on, has captured the entire country, had to be moved in nearby. Its services were for it: a dirty, crowded houses, lack of water supply and sewage, dirty clothes, dirty habits.
The old Irish law code argued that there are three periods that threaten the world: a period of ulcers, universal war and destruction verbal agreements. As you can see, in the first place is "period ulcers". And not by chance.
People had a devastating effect epidemics long before they gave the name of infectious diseases.
"If you will not be afraid of the glorious and fearful name, the Lord thy God, the Lord will smite thee and thy seed extraordinary plagues, the plagues of the great and constant and disease evil and permanent," - say the many pages of the Bible.
"Great and permanent disease" could be the plague, smallpox, leprosy, and other infectious diseases that mankind has learned a long time.
The sacred books of the Jews and Christians tell of how God caused diseases on entire Nations, as he is in the blink of an eye healed them. God has ordered special angels, whose appearance on earth anticipated upcoming disaster. One of such messengers of trouble and was the fifth angel.
He acts in the final book of the Bible, which is full of predictions terrible misfortunes, as if waiting peoples.
The human race is stuck in vices, and the wrath of God in heaven has reached its limits. This rage filled the seven bowls. One by one he cast them to the earth seven angels.
Know what was in the first bowl? "There fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men," says the Bible.
After the second Cup, vylety in the sea, all living things in it were killed.
The most shocking consequences were the actions of the fifth angel. After the fifth bowl, vylety to earth, people had gnawed their tongues for pain. Suffering is who upset their minds, and they cursed God, which hath power over sickness.
Of course, and the fifth angel and all the seven bowls of God invented. We do not know who the author of these biblical legends. We only know that this man lived in the middle of the first century ad, in the chest, turbulent times. These were the years of aggressive wars, endless excitement slaves, any internal turmoil that engulfed the Roman Empire. Just then came the stories about the son of God Jesus Christ, who allegedly came to the earth to save people from the wrath of the accursed Rome.
Painful rampant disease is the author of the biblical story of course was watching himself. Writes about the wrath of God, he did not find a more convincing way than the threat of universal epidemics and death.
The very words "rampant disease" belong Claudius Galen, who also survived several epidemics. One of them started in the 166-m, and ended in the year 180, when infection and death have flooded the whole Empire. The disaster did not stop neither universal purification offered appointed by the ruler of the country, nor a week-long celebration in honor of the gods.
Himself Galen believed the reason for the disaster "putrid damage of blood, from which nature, in his opinion, gets rid of the appearance of the rash. It recommended that the withering funds. Judging by the description of disease, it was smallpox.
The whole history of the middle ages - some kind of change of epidemic diseases. They followed one after another, seemed to come together.
Deaths during epidemics was huge. People did not know how to escape. They didn't see the enemy, did not hear him, but he was overtaken their victims everywhere. The house is not protected from harm. The disease was coming, bypassing the curtained Windows, doors. She did not distinguish between rich and poor, between the servants of God and ordinary believers.