What the opponents say

So it was not possible to deny the fact that a number of tumors, undoubtedly, are caused by viruses.
- Well?- said opponents of the viral theory.- Little did reasons that cause tumors! Viruses are one of them. Indeed, there are tumors that caused by viruses. But these tumors are very few. Most of tumors no viruses have not been singled out. Why is it from one tumor viruses are, while others are not?
"Wait, " answered the supporters of the viral theory.- The selection opujolevidnami viruses - not such a simple matter. With each year the number of tumors, which are the cause of their viruses.
These arguments did not convince opponents.
- Modern virological methods,- they said,- gives the opportunity to select any virus, if it really exists. If most of the tumor viruses are not highlighted, it is simply because no viruses in them.
"But allow me, " answered the supporters,these failures may have its own reasons. Remember, viruses breast cancer and cancer of the blood of mice would never have been allocated, if not guessed to graft them in newborn mice. Maybe other opujolevidnami viruses will be detected by using this technique. Note that the electron microscope has detected a virus-like the bullock many tumors.
- Well, no, " objected opponents.- The data obtained using electron microscope, is not convincing. After all, those virus-like formations that are found in human tumors, also found in normal tissues. Though in smaller numbers, albeit with less consistently, but it is detected. So while these data are not conclusive. But if we assume that the electron microscope really detects viruses in human tumors, then it is unclear why virologists cannot allocate these viruses.
"You forget,he pointed proponents,that viruses can lose their boleznennostew, become camouflage, as is the case in the transition papilloma rabbits in cancer. How can you detect a virus in his property to cause tumor, if he is deprived of this property?
- Find his other methods, " said opponents.- A virus consists of a protein that is different from the protein of the body, where it multiplies. If the examining physician for the stain of precisely the kind of animal that belongs to the blood, then is it not possible to distinguish protein protein of the virus from person? Protein of the virus is of strangers, foreign protein for any organism, and if the virus was in the body, albeit in a masked form, he would be found not in its action, but by a squirrel, of which it consists. However, all researchers unanimously claim that in tumors that do not detected viruses, no and no foreign body alien proteins. Consequently, there is in them and protein, which consists of the virus. What other conclusion can be drawn from these hard facts, except that viruses are not related to the origin of these tumors?
Supporters of the viral theory on this argument had nothing to answer. Indeed, in tumors that are not found causing their viruses not detected any proteins, foreign, alien to the body, tumor which was investigated. With the answer had to wait.
But the question of the protein composition of the tumor cells were of very great importance, and in another respect. The fact that the body produces a protective immune substances only in response to the introduction of those proteins that are different from proteins of the body. If the body of a rabbit to enter the proteins of the animal of another species, such as chicken or duck, rabbit produces such substances. But if the rabbit to enter his own proteins, no protective immunological response will not follow.
Hence, if the tumors are no proteins, different from proteins of an organism, in which the tumor grows, then it is not necessary to wait protective reaction against tumors by this organism. Immunity to the tumor in this case can not arise, and there is no hope to create artificial antitumor immunity. If this is not the case and the tumor contains proteins that are not in healthy tissues of the body, then the immunity to cancer is possible and it is necessary to look for a way to create it.
The question about the similarity or difference of proteins tumor and normal cells has become one of the key questions of modern science about cancer.
To agree with the common opinion is meant to acknowledge the complete futility of searching immunological protection against cancer and leave a big dent in the viral theory of its origin.
But right if those scholars who argue that in the tumor no proteins, which would not be in normal tissues? However, thinks the vast majority of scientists.
But that does not mean that they are right.

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